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She had always wanted to write; had always written, and when she finally decided that maybe, just maybe, she had enough life experience, had read enough, knew enough to create a story, she started with the first book and then went on to write one book per month on average. The opportunity presented itself to write and publish independently, and she took it.

The stories presented themselves to her in the following order:

Maandanser (now called Beskuldig dan die Liefde) August 2013.

Maalkolk (September 2013)

Plek van die Flaminke (October 2013),

Die Lied van Lorelei, (November 2013)

Mari (December 2013)

Lelani (January 2014)

Inge (June 2014)

Pippa’s Story (now also available as Destined to Love) (August 2014)

Eve Vermont – Oak Series Book 1 (Now The Road to Eden) (September 2014)

Oak Seed – Oak Series Book 2 (October 2014)

Skat van die Seerower (August 2015)

She wrote daily, diligently and enthusiastically. She wrote with inspiration and fire. Before her current story was completed, she had the next plot in her mind. She started with the next book as soon as the previous one was completed, and in the meantime prepared manuscripts for submission to the big publishing houses. While she waited for months for news of the two manuscripts she submitted, she wrote one story after the other.

During this period she also learned how to create her websites/blogs without help. She had no knowledge of how to do this; had never done so before (one in Afrikaans and one in English).

She learned how to prepare her manuscripts and publish her books on the then Kindle SA,, and through other publishers/distributors such as Kwarts, on the myAfrikaans, and eReads web pages from where her books are distributed to all the bookshops in South Africa.

She started a Facebook page, got talking on Twitter, advertised on Google Adwords, and joined LinkedIn. And in between she read everything she could lay her hands on, daily. How do other authors write, what do they write, how do they market themselves and their books?

She has completed the manuscript of Skat van die Seerower (soon to be released) and has started on her next romantic novel, Die Lady en die Leeu.

For more information about her books take a look at and


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