Assembly of the gods



The gods assembled to reflect upon the state of the universe. They came together to discuss their creation and all it has become. They were unanimous in their conclusion that the chaos and the destruction were unprecedented.

Each extolled his own excellence and achievements. Each laid out his plans and its progress. Each defended his point of view, tried to justify it, to convince the others of it. They shook their godly heads and disagreed.

Amongst them, there was fury because of the neglect and the damage done to their creation by the others. There were blame and anger, accusations and denial. Each had his own agenda, his own list of things that the others did wrong. And all the while they accumulated wealth, counted their riches, all their possessions.

They fought and battled until the heavens lit up with lightning and filled with smoke. Frightened planets, moons, and stars scattered, swallowed by black holes and vanished. Brimstone and fires raged, angry clouds swirled and hurled polluted water from the sky.

The heavens cracked open and revealed the gods gathered there, pointing fingers and hurling insults at each other without wisdom or truth. In their contest for supremacy, they destroyed all and everything until there was nothing left but devastation.

The universe raged like an inferno and they fled from it in fear and confusion when there was no more space to continue their battle without being destroyed themselves. Out of breath and energy, they paused and turned to view their creation.

And they wept.

They saw polluted water bubbling from the crust of the planet earth, they saw the ugly scars across the fertile land they had once set aside for sustenance for the people of the earth. They looked to the dried up heavens, saw scorched earth, emaciated people and animals scratching among the dust. They saw the huge and still widening hole through which the angry sun sent rays as violent as their tempers.

They saw the fog of poisoned air, heard the crack of the earth as it was split open from below. They saw the seas heave up and boil as bombs exploded in their depths. They heard the booming of guns and grenades, saw human beings fall and bleed under the scorching sun.

They saw the fleeing, frightened children running across deserts, hiding in holes and caves. They saw the rape and abuse of battered women and children and the violence of the rulers of the earth. They saw the hate and pain and sickness of the fearful cities, the slums with dirty water, the violence in the streets.

They saw the darkness in the frowning heavens over which they presided.

They turned in shame, stunned by their own creation. They looked at each other, saw the decay of their own bodies, the signs of indulgence and neglect. They recognised the lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, pride, wrath, and envy – the signs of the seven deadly sins was leprosy written white upon them all.

They trembled in fear and looked for help from their creation.

But in the face of the universe, there was nothing.

Nothing at all.